I have been treated by Jackee Shu for over a year now and she has changed my life, both physically and spiritually. After two treatments, my tinnitus (which I had for years) was gone. My lower back pain gone, my energy lifted and my sleep much improved. She is gentle in her approach, kind in her listening and extremely skilled in acupuncture. She is a true healer.  –EM

I always feel better after acupuncture treatments with Jackee. Recently, my chief complaint has been stress and weight gain. After each treatment, I feel calmer but awake, with renewed energy, ready to meet the challenges of the day to day life of an average New Yorker. Thank you, Jackee!  –PG

My low back popped when I bent forward to pick up the laundry from the floor.  I felt the sensation down around sacral bone bilaterally. The pain was so severe that I was unable to bend forward. Even simple activities such as brushing teeth or wearing socks became very difficult.  After receiving chiropractic adjustment, trigger point lidocaine injection, and 30 minutes therapeutic massage, I felt 70% improvement.  However the tingling sensation and mild low back pain remained for weeks when I came to see Jackee.  As soon as she inserted the first needle, I felt the release in my whole body and my lower back.  Her needle technique was gentle and she used a electrical-stimulation unit with the needles to the leg with the tingling sensation.  She also did cupping to release tension from my entire back.  I really like how she sees the body as whole and connected, as well as treat the root cause at the same time.  The treatment felt so good and when I left her office, my whole body felt so much lighter, with tiny bit of tingling sensation in my right calf still and a slight pain in my lower back on the same day. By the next morning, the tingling sensation dissipated and my lower back was pain free. It has been at least three weeks since the treatment and I am still symptom free.  –TO

I had an amazing session with her. Gentle and thorough. I woke up feeling no muscle tension. After 30 days straight of yoga, acupuncture is the exact self care I needed to settle and integrate into this new body. Thanks Jackee! Great location and service! I'll be back!  –KS

Very positive results, sense of wellness is elevated, pain diminished, and even eliminated in some locations.  –MS